Tenants’ R&R

Tenants’ Rights and Responsibilities

According to Residential Tenancies Act 1986 (the Act), all landlords and tenants have responsibilities under the Act. The following is a summary of some of the key responsibilities as tenants. Rempstone Property Management reserves the right to make our own policies regarding tenants’ rights and responsibilities as well as the right to update them as required.

When renting a property, tenants need to:

  • pay the rent on time
  • keep the property reasonably clean and tidy
  • let the landlord know about any damage or repairs straight away
  • pay for their own outgoings e.g., electricity, gas and internet
  • use the property mainly for residential purposes rather than business activities
  • leave the property clean, tidy, and clear of rubbish and possessions
  • leave all keys with the landlord when they move out
  • leave all items that were supplied with the tenancy.

Tenants must not:

  • stop paying rent if the landlord hasn’t done repairs
  • damage the premises
  • disturb the neighbours or the landlord’s other tenants
  • make any alterations to the property without the landlord’s written consent
  • use the property for any unlawful purpose
  • have more than the maximum number of occupants listed in the tenancy agreement.

Under the Act, both landlords and tenants are responsible for:

  • making sure the tenancy agreement is in writing
  • keeping their contact details up to date
  • not changing the locks without permission

At Rempstone Property Management, we have a zero tolerance to rent arrears, but we will adopt a firm but fair approach in recovering arrears, ensuring we act in a reasonable and appropriate manner sensible to the circumstances while recovering the rent due.

Rempstone Property Management also have other specific rules and policies relevant to tenants, if you would like to find out more or discuss you tenancy options, please contact us with the details on our contact page. We provide FREE advice for tenants on how to make sure you get a great rental property.