About Us

Company vision and mission

We are a property management company based in Christchurch and we are here to connect you with the best, no matter you are landlord or tenants. While we are managing properties, we genuinely care about both the people who own them and those who live in them.
Our name Rempstone is derived from the acronym of Real Estate Market Place, as we strongly believe property management is a cornerstone of real estate industry.
Vision: connecting with the best

Mission statement:

We strive to provide tailored service to both our landlords and tenants to connect them with the best match. Our ultimate goal is to maximise our landlords’ investment return by connecting them with the best tenants, while at the same time, helping our tenants to find the ideal place where they could stay with comfort. We look after our landlords’ properties with great care as if they are own homes; we take care of our tenants as if they are part of our families.

In order to perform our role as the best connector, we respect and upload the following values: MAGIC
Motivation: we are a highly motivated team working collaboratively to unlock each other’s potential so that we can thrive together
Adaptability: we embrace challenges and changes with open minds and agility
Guardian: we act as guardian of all assets under our management while looking after them with genuine care
Integrity: we build our trust through acting in good faith
Compassion: we treat everyone with empathy and kindness, and endeavour to give back to our community.

Community Engagement

Social responsibility:

Our company values compassion and treats everyone with empathy and kindness, and endeavours to giving back to our community. We strongly support family-oriented services and missions. As we provide property management services, we care for everyone who owns and who lives in these properties. To nurture healthy families that carry the bright future for our children is our mission. Therefore, we support charities that share such value with us. For example, we support Home & Family/Te Whare Mannaki Tangata, whose vision is “that all children will live in homes with whānau/family who will cherish them, keep them safe and nurture their potential.”