What can we offer from our appraisal meeting?

Surely, you will find out who we are and what services we can offer in our first meeting.

However, the first meeting is more about you and your property.

  1. You can highlight all your needs and expectations so that we can work out a plan to help you achieve your goal. This can include tailoring rental contracts, at your request,  to your property.
  2. In our first meeting, if we tour your property, it will enable us to take detailed notes and make a reliable and accurate rental assessment.
  3. We can also provide free advice on the recent maintenance of the property, any current warranties which may apply and your current insurance cover, all of which might help to maximise the rental value of your property.
  4. Of course, it is perfect chance for us to share other real estate market knowledge with you and provide you with accurate market research.
  5. We can Walk you through our Management  Authority and discuss our working partnership, and then discuss a suitable marketing programme to attract and secure the most suitable tenant.